To guarantee the quality of your applications

Client's problematic

Respond to the challenges of the tests:
Provide quality products
On schedule
At the right cost
By implementing an optimized test methodology

L'offre de Tests & Recette de RAVEN's Digital Team découle d'une approche éprouvée et opérationnelle du domaine, s'appuyant sur des expériences concrètes

Client support

Raven's Digital Team supports its clients by relying on
Expertise of the testing process and its implementation
Tools that allow to industrialize the defined process.

Services that meet the challenges of our clients

Client Support
Definition and Deployment of Test Methodology
Study and implementation of the Automation of tests
Testing tools
Definition and Implementation of a Testing Services Center

Le Centre de Services Tests & Recette

Share and standardize testing practices
Switch to service mode

The Service Center enables the pooling of resources.

Delegation of tests

The delegation of tests is a complex system that requires:
Mastery of the management process
Mastery of the testing process
Reliable metrics for estimating costs and potential gains
A transfer of skills to the supplier in charge of the tests
The establishment of a contractual relationship and trust between the actors based on defined procedures

The service center enables immediate gains, while progressing in a structured manner towards the ROI objectives of the test delegation